Shorebird Decoys of North Carolina   (Kroghie Andresen & Philip Harvey)

Mitchell Fulcher, Master Carver   (Carolina Decoy Collectors Assoc.)

Gunnin’ Birds – Decoys of Back Bay, VA, Currituck Sound & Dare County in North Carolina (Andresen)

Decoys Mid Atlantic Region   (Fleckenstein)

Waterfowl Heritage, NC Decoys & Gunning Lore    (Conoley)

Mattamuskeet & Ocracoke Waterfowl Heritage     (Dudley)

Wings, NC Waterfowling Traditions     (Dudley)

Carteret Waterfowl Heritage     (Dudley)

Gun Clubs & Decoys, Back Bay & Currituck Sound     (Johnson/Coppedge)

Southern Decoys of Virginia and The Carolinas     (Fleckenstein)

Wild Fowl Decoys   (Barber)            

American Decoys     (Mackey)

Art of the Decoy     (Ernest)             

Shang     (Merkt)

Decoys of the Susquehanna Flats     (McKinney)

Ward Brothers     (Hilcrest Publications)

Decoys & Carvers of Illinois     (Parmele & Loomis)

Chesapeake Bay Decoys     (Richardson)

Decoys of Atlantic Flyway     (Starr)

Decoys, A North American Survey     (Kangas)

Shorebird Decoys     (Fleckenstein)

Mason Decoys     (Hilcrest Publications)

Mason Decoys A Complete Pictorial Guide     (Goldberger/Haid)

Decoys of Maritime Canada     (Guyette)

The Bird Decoy     (Johnsgard)                    

Wetland Heritage     (Franks)

New Jersey Decoys     (Fleckenstein)

Working Decoys of Jersey Coast and Delaware Valley     (Gosner)

Decoys of the Mississippi     (Hall)               

Lloyd J. Tyler     (McKinney)

The Story of Lem Ward     (Lawson)

Ontario Decoys     (Gates)

Shelburne Museum Decoys     (Webster & Kehho)

Louisiana Duck Decoys     (Frank)

Martha’s Vineyard Decoys     (Murphy)

New England Decoys     (Delph)

Susguehanna River Decoys     (Buckwalter)

Pioneer Decoy Carvers     (Hilcrest Publications)

Floating Sculptures     (Huster and Knight)

Factory Decoys     (Delph)

North American Factory Decoys     (Trayer)

Waterfowling the Chesapeake     (Sullivan)

American Wild Fowl Decoys     (Waingrow)

Decoys of Lake Champlain     (Loy Harrell)

Shorebird:  The Decoys     (Levinson & Headley)

The Great Book of Waterfowl Decoys     (Engers)

Call to the Sky     (Johnson)              

R. Madison Mitchell    (Robbins)

Portrait of a Decoy Carver Bob Litzenberg     (Belinko)

Chincoteague Carvers & Their Decoys      (Berkey)

Ira D. Hudson & Family     (Stansbury)

Collecting Antique Bird Decoys     (Luckey)

Canvas Decoys of North America     (Johnson)

Wildfowler Decoys     (Cowan & LaFountain)

Stevens Brothers – Their Lives, The Times and Their Decoys     (Muller)

Fish and Fowl Decoys of the Great Lakes     (Tonelli)

Collecting Decoys on a Shoestring     (Margolis)

The McCleery Auction     (Gard & Shaw)

Classic New Jersey Decoys     (Doherty)




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