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Code of Ethics 

One of the prominent purposes of the Association is to provide a safe and professional medium of exchange for decoys to transfer from person to person. Several methods of exchange, like the Core Sound Decoy Festival Auction, electronic sales through the Association web page or buy-sell functions sponsored by the Association or related entities. Certain prescribed definitions and procedures will be sanctioned and required for members to participate in the medium of exchange. All Association members or non-members that participate in Association activities will be expected to adhere to these guidelines.

Any decoy offered for sale shall be described in writing with the following descriptive items including: maker, paint condition, structural condition, repairs both old and new, maker, provenance and approximate age of decoy.  The sales price should be clearly offered to all members alike. This may be done on tags that have sufficient room and include the required information. The following definitions and procedures shall apply as previously approved by the Association in the 1980’s.

1. The term ORIGINAL STRUCTURE, when applied to an old decoy, shall mean the body, head (including bill), are as originally fabricated and finished by the maker.

2. The term ORIGINAL PAINT shall mean that no painting or touch-up has been done to the body, head or bill since the maker completed the decoy.

3. The term REPAINT shall be applied to the head, bill or body when describing a decoy with any paint that is not original. This includes “old working repaint”, contemporary repaint or touch-up.

4. The term REPAIR shall be applied to any alteration in the physical structure of the decoy. This includes any replacement or repair of the head, bill or body.

5. The maker of the decoy should be identified. When the maker of a decoy is unknown, but the owner has sufficient evidence or knowledge on which to base an opinion, it should be termed “attributed to _______________.” Otherwise, they decoy should be termed as “unknown maker.”

  1. On any decoy transaction that occurs at a CDCCA sponsored function, web page or newsletter, the seller shall provide the buyer with a description of the decoy which shall include: maker’s name, If known; species of the decoy; Approximate age of the decoy; provenance; paint condition; description of any repairs to the head, body or bill; the sale price; and the seller’s name. On transactions of less than $100.00 this information isn’t necessary but the buyer may request such information. The following suggested form shall be supplied by the CDCCA for these transactions:

MAKER: _______________________________________________

SPECIES: ______________________________________________

AGE OF DECOY: ________________________________________

PAINT: _________________________________________________

REPAIRS: ______________________________________________

PRICE: ________________________________________________

PROVENANCE: _________________________________________

7. After the consummation of a cash sale (trades are exempt), there shall be a 3-day grace period within which the buyer may return, for any reason, the decoy to the seller and obtain a full refund of the purchase price.

8. It is understood that any sales between members of the CDCCA at its meetings or shows shall be governed by the warranty provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code. In the event of any necessary legal action, the injured part upon recovery, may also recover as a part of his or her damages, reasonable attorney fees for the prosecution of his or her actions.

9. The CDCCA Board of Directors shall be empowered to enforce the Code of Ethics by reprimanding, suspending, dismissing, or otherwise penalizing violators. The Board shall be the sole and final arbiter or questions raised on enforcing the Code. Decisions shall be final, and aggrieved parties to disputes shall have no redress against the CDCCA.

10. A buy back policy for misrepresentation or omission of material facts concerning a decoy sale shall be strictly enforced. The seller shall immediately upon demand by purchaser with cause, verified by two other Association board members for accuracy, refund the full purchase price plus 5% economic investment loss per year as the buy back amount. The Association shall maintain a legal account reserve to fund any legal enforcement activities that are necessary to enforce these provisions.