The Carolina Decoy Collectors Association is an association of individuals organized to promote the preservation of artifacts and information related to waterfowl decoys of the Carolinas and Southern Virginia, to provide educational opportunities for decoy collectors, and to maintain a growing historical record relating to decoys and decoy carvers of the region.

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"Collecting is a form of madness. It's not a bad obsession. It's not a drug addiction. It's a good addiction. It keeps you out of trouble." 

- Jo Garfield


What We Do

We are a group of individuals enthusiastically committed to the preservation, collection and trade of waterfowl decoys. As an organization we provide benefits to members that foster a greater knowledge and appreciation for decoys and welcome seasoned decoy collectors and newcomers wanting to learn more or how to get started. 



CDCA seeks to foster educational opportunities and a learning environment for seasoned decoy collectors and new enthusiasts. CDCA provides members with a quarterly newsletter and historical resource references. A mentor program helps new decoy collectors make informed purchases and the association provides complimentary appraisals and evaluations for decoys. 


CDCA works to promote decoy commerce in general through educational information, a code of conduct for all decoy exchange processes for all members.


CDCA helps build community around decoy collecting — with regularly scheduled meetings and other  functions like buy-sell-swap events, carver presentations, waterfowl heritage tours, demonstrations, and decoy exhibits. The CDCA seeks to establish and maintain relationships with other decoy related entities including carving guilds & museums. 


CDCA works to provide assistance to new collectors and members as needed through mentorship, information sharing, and regularly scheduled events.

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A Beginner Guide to Collecting

Want to start your own decoy collection? Getting started or adding to your collection can seem overwhelming. 

Learn More About Why & How to Collect Decoys


Get Involved

We hope you'll consider getting involved with the Carolina Decoys Collectors Association as we provide enriching experiences around a shared love and apprecaition for decoys. 



Join our community and take advantage of benefits that CDCA offers. 


Join us for orgnaziation and affiliate events across the state. 


Have questions? We hope you'll please be in touch. 

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